Concrete Posts

Concrete fence posts are the best posts for your new fence as they are maintenance free, long lasting and ideal for use with our treated fence panels to prevent water damage and rot. We recommend you add concrete gravel boards to separate the fence panel from ground contact to protect against the risk of rot. We also sell concrete corner fence posts (we recommend 3 bags of post mix for a corner post). We have a team of professional installers if you need your fence erected. A well installed fence with concrete post should last you for 20 years and if you do want to change your fence panels in the future you can just slide the old fence panes out and then slide the new panels straight in.

Concrete posts in London are definitely a more durable option of fencing post. We have a range of concrete posts for all your needs. Concrete posts tend to be extremely durable against weather wear, moisture and fungal decay and splitting. If you are looking for a long lasting support for your fencing panels, concrete panels are surely the way to go, requiring very little maintenance. Also there are too many advantages to concrete posts in London.

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