Timber Treatments

There are a ton of properties all around the UK that have timbers with designs and proper structure. All of this timber is prone to woodworm contamination, damp, rot and fungal decay. Luckily for your timber needs, damp proofing has numerous long stretches of understanding behind us. We spend significant time in timber fixes and other related medications, as well as a variety of damp proofing solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of timber repairs that offer you true value, as they will be high quality, reliable and made specifically for the needs of your property.

The fences is helpless to an assortment of conditions identified with damp, for example, wet decay or dry spoil, or even pervasions of wood-exhausting bugs. This is when you need to repair your timber.

In the event that it’s gotten at the opportune time, the best strategy to fix timbers influenced by wet spoil or dry spoil is to find the full degree of the rot and slice timbers to where it lies. The uncovered areas would then be able to be treated with fungicide and new timbers can be acquainted with supplant the spoiled timber that has been removed. We always endeavour to retain structurally sound timber, however in the most severe of cases, we may need to repair and replace your timber.

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